Kabaka Mutesa 11 might have died of Alcohol poisoning due to certain chemicals that were put in his drink

Alcohol poisoning is not only about consuming a toxic amount of alcohol, usually over a short period or binge drinking, but it can also occur when someone puts something other than alcohol in one’s drink. So, yes, Kabaka Mutesa 11 might have died of Alcohol poisoning due to certain chemicals that were put in his drink. I’m not saying it is true because i wasn’t there, but it is possible considering the hatred then between Obote and Mutesa 11. DP’s Bwengye in his book about the 1908 elections and the rigging that occurred, he seems pretty convinced that Mutesa 11 was poisoned by Obote’s agents.poison2

‘Fitina’ poisoning as allegedly some people say that it was what Kabaka Mutesa11 died of in London, is also a form of ‘food poisoning’. It is categorized as ‘chemical’ food poisoning as far as i know.

Chemical food poisoning is possible in production-line cooking as done at restaurants and facilities such as large-scale soup kitchens, as well as cooking as done in the home. There is no guarantee that cooking would be done properly. In fact, as the number of cases of infection that result from cooking food prepared at public facilities show, it is almost guaranteed that there WILL be numerous infections if the meat is used, and probably several deaths.

mutesa11's death certicate

mutesa11’s death certicate

Yes, deaths is possible when it comes to food poisoning though most people in developing nations don’t take it seriously. Food poisoning kills over 9100 people a year in the USA which a higher number of deaths than the Vietnam War produced among U.S. soldiers.

In Uganda, people ‘poison’ each other intentionally through food as this is common knowledge. So, we should probably hire people to protect our cooked food in case of any weddings or any other function. Yes, there is ‘fitina’ in this world. One of my OGs at Namagabi UMEA lost her husband when he went to visit his relatives in Uganda because someone intentionally poisoned him through food. She is now struggling with two kids here in London, and this is really sad.

You see, Public health is not something that you can just leave to food producers and cooks. The govt has to set standards and also to enforce them. This is one reason we have governments in the first place. Why? If you eat at a public restaurant, government health inspectors guarantee your food safety. If you eat at a private function, the organiser/s should be responsible for ensuring food safety, and the government has to ensure that the food safety regulations are observed.

I will let the medics explain to you in details if you want but that is the truth according to the office of National Statistics (ONS) here in England. ONS is one of the most reliable official bodies when it comes to stuff like that. Try to split the two words: alcohol + poisoning. The Poisoning bit itself happens when you take into your body a substance that damages your cells and organs and injures your health. This substance may be the too much alcohol that overpowers your liver or poisonous chemicals put in your alcohol. The poisoning therefore results from drinking a toxic (poisonous) amount of alcohol, usually over a short amount of time.

When you walk into a pub, ask for a drink, go to the loo leaving your drink unattended, and someone puts some poisonous substance in your drink, if you happen to die, Alcohol poisoning would be recorded as the cause of death.Well, like is aid, When DP’s Francis Bwengye wrote a book about the rigging of the 1980 elections, he mentioned somewhere in the first two chapters that Obote poisoned some people including Kabaka Mutesa 11. I read the book ages ago but it is there is you want to look for it.

The human body is capable of processing 1 to 1.5 ounces of alcohol in an hour. This is the amount usually contained in a standard drink – a 12 ounce bottle of beer, a five ounce glass of wine, or one mixed drink (however, many mixed drinks and punches contain far greater quantities of alcohol).NPG x73138; Sir Edward Frederick William David Walugembe Mutebi Luwangula Mutesa II, Kabaka of Buganda by Bassano

The definition used by ONS in ICD-9 includes all deaths from chronic liver disease and cirrhosis, even when alcohol is not specifically mentioned on the death certificate. There are various reasons that have been identified to account for known under reporting of alcoholism on death certificates. These include the certifier of the death not being aware of previous alcoholism, or being uncertain of its relationship with the cause of death.

ONS are good because you can find out anything you want about UK from them. Actually, i think they are the best. They can tell you any statistics about any area in the UK. All you need is A POSTCODE, and bingo. I love them


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    May 14, 2013 @ 16:52:28

    Mr Semuwemba,

    Your understanding of food poisoning is exactly the wrong understanding of the phenomenon. Whereas the report which Ogwapiti published refers to food poisoning, you and him and others would chose to call it ‘poisoned food’. Mutesa died of alcoholic poisoning, and you people understood it and continue to understand it as ‘poisoned alcohol’ even when the facts about alcoholic poisoning are known. The safe limit for alcohol consumption is 300 mg per 100ml of blood. At 400mg per 100ml the results are fatal. Mutesa had 408 mg of alcohol per 100ml of his blood. What did you expect? Anything taken in excess can end being a poison; even medicines are poisons but taken in limited quantities. Pigs die of water poisoning: too much water consumption causes haemolysis…blood cells just burst…amazzi obuzzi! So, what about a bottle of whiskey gulped in one go?

    Food poisoning is an illness that results from ingesting food that contains toxoids that are produced by certain microbes, and the symptoms are typical: stomach cramps, vomiting, nausea, diarrhoea etc and can be more severe than that…check it is all over the net. The toxoids are chemicals and that is the only sense in which we may refer to chemical food poisoning. That does not mean that the food has been laced with a toxic chemical. ‘Bamuwadde gamatokisi’, ‘or ‘Dagerous Ddagala Tokwatako’ (DDT) is the ignorant speak of rural peasants and we do not help much to exaggerate it as UAH likes to do. We should put our thinking above the peasant folks’!

    If you are saying that food poisoning is possible and in the developed US 10 people die per hour due to food poisoning, why can’t that be the case in Uganda also? Are Ugandans immune to food poisoning? You state that, but then turn around to say: ‘In Uganda, people ‘poison’ each other intentionally through food as this is common knowledge.’ That is common ignorance, Mr Semuwemba! Don’t you see that there is something really wrong with your reasoning? Americans die of food poisoning, but in Uganda people poison each other! If it happens in the US where there are strict food administration etc regulations, what about your Uganda. To you, in Uganda it is malice! Bamuwadde butwa! Owulidde? La! To illustrate your point: your OG’s husband! What was the post mortem report?

    You have the same mentality of our people who imagine that even a 100 yr old person can’t just die of natural causes. He has to be bewitched. ‘Eeeeh Jajja Bamuloze’.

    Government should ensure food safety regulations: you think where food safety regulations are ensured, in England where you live, they deploy LDUs to ensure that no fitina person puts Gammatox in food products? Even the way you bring government is so strange. Now, according to your reasoning, if all poisoning is caused by fitina, so you want government to deploy ISO in every kitchen at every little wedding every weekend to ensure that there is no malicious person putting poison in guests’ food? What do government regulations have to do with stopping fitina?

    You say:

    ‘If you eat at a private function, the organiser/s should be responsible for ensuring food safety, and the government has to ensure that the food safety regulations are observed.’

    In your mind, food safety and regulations the world over is aimed at reigning fitina. Is that what you are telling us?

    The fact is that, you people are taking this game of painting an ugly picture of Uganda too far, and you know longer mind whether what you say is totally illogical! You call it ‘being in opposition’!

    Lance Corporal (Rtd) Patrick Otto

  2. Agnes
    May 15, 2013 @ 11:35:56

    That’s right Abbey. Uganda is a strong contrry.and it will never fall no matter what.

  3. mulindwa edward
    May 21, 2013 @ 21:46:22


    I have seen these accusations of hating Baganda over and over and as a Muganda I can not help but take a moment to wonder if these accusations are true or a fabrications by the Kateregga’s to empower the movement in Uganda yet damaging Buganda at a larger picture and I am going to do that by questioning what part of peace have Baganda played in Uganda politics. I am going to use Andrew Kayiira as a very good example of a man that went to the states and qualified in criminology, came back to Uganda dropped all democratic principles he learnt in the states, decided to use a gun in Luwero kill as many Ugandans as he wanted, and then became a minister of Internal affairs under the Yusuf Lule government. So I am going to focus on a period when Yusuf Lule, a Muganda and a Moslem was a head of state with Andrew Kayiira a catholic and a Muganda was a minister of internal affairs. What part did these two men play as Baganda to see a change of Uganda to a peaceful and prosperous country?

    I cannot answer that question with out focusing on what happened to the Soldiers of Iddi Amin’s government. You see when the TZs attacked in Mutukula, they used to capture many commissioned officers, many of them were asked to join the war which they did but a good number refused to do so due to their commitment to the government, many of such soldiers were kept under arrest in various places that had been taken over by the Tanzanians. The ones that were killed are the ones that were arrested in the Museveni’s western Command but the ones of Oyite Ojoke many were saved. On reaching Kampala many were transferred to Luzira, and those that had ran to Kenya were mostly bussed back into Kampala and to Luzira.

    Barely 10 days after Lule was sworn into office, he had a meeting with Dr Andrew Kayiira the then his minister of internal affairs, and the topic was very simple, we must kill every single soldier in Luzira for he served under Amin’s government. Now this became very hard to people like Oyite Ojoke for he never believed that serving into a national army qualifies one to be a criminal and thus sentenced to death. Lule and Kayiira pushed for the deaths as it will send a message to all that if you serve in a bad government you are as guilty as it is, the Oyite took a stand that the prisoners must be screened those that have no crimes against them must be asked to rejoin the force those with cases to be charged, and if what you committed was a capital offence then you will be killed. Yusuf lule and Andrew Kayiira refused that stand. Had these two Baganda gone through with their murder plan all people you see getting released today would have been dead already.

    It was a Monday morning and Kayiira’s convoy arrived in Luzira at 9am, all Amin’s soldiers were packed into a single hall and Kayiira addressed them, and these were his own words, word for word. “I have come to Luzira to officially inform you that all of you are going to be hanged starting form the comming week end and all of you will die” Andrew left Luzira for he had to take all of their names to Yusuf Lule to be signed off and hanged. This created a massive opposition from UNLF that it was one of the contributors, notice the term one of the contributors of Lule’s removal. Yusuf Lule was removed from power and Andrew Kayiira lost his ministerial post, the Ugandans in Luzira were saved. And as Ugandans were singing ffe twagala Lule oba kufa tufe, there were families that were praising the powers of God to see a change that can save a life of so many people. As the government continued on, many were screened and released yet some were charged and those found guilty sentenced as the law stated. There was a very much trying from some circles of UNLF to return Uganda into a law abiding society yet many of those initiatives were frustrated by the likes of Lule, Kayiira and Nkwanga who all happen to be Baganda.

    It is interesting that Lule died a beggar in UK and Kayiira was shot as a thief.

    In one of my writings I stated that burying Yusuf Lule into Kololo was a joke for there is no one that can stand up today and state one thing this man did for Uganda as a state to qualify to be in Kololo today, I continued as well that Yusuf Lule will be extracted from Kololo and shipped out to where he belongs, it is only when. And if I was a family member of this man I would have gone to Kololo today and extracted him in a respectful manner than waiting for Museveni’s removal for the masses to dig this killer out for he might be dug out in a very un pleasant manner. For when you burry Lule in Kololo why not Andrew Kayiira? Better yet why not Tinyefunza or Mugisha Muntu or Museveni him self? Kololo is a national ground, and killers do not belong there, but most importantly don’t people get buried at their land so that they retire from the politics? Isn’t burying a man at his home the most thing that defines a Muganda?

    It is Sunday let me take My Chihuahua Phoebe for a walk.


  4. Richard Mukasa
    May 23, 2013 @ 23:16:50

    Abbey   Truth be told, this gentleman was a heavy drinker and smoker. He was also a lady’s man. Without any evidence of malicious poison being found in his body, how can anyone say that he may have been maliciously  poisoned  and again,  assert that by Obote’s agents?   The Bible says that it was appointed upon men to die. Whilst it is true that people get murdered through malicious poisoning and other means, there is no evidence to suggest that Obote killed Mutesa. And since as it is appointed for man to die once, and after that comes judgment, we should worry so much about the judgement that comes after death than death itself. If M7, Hitler, Pinocheti, Kony,  Amin, Mutesa, the Okellos, Tinyefunza, Nyerere etc worried so much about the judgement that comes after death, this world would have been the best place to live in.   What we know as truth is that Obote sent Iddi Amin to kill SirEdward Mutesa but Mutesa survived and ran away. Obote and Idi Amin should be accused of attempted murder of Mutesa  but not with his murder.   Lastly, the death of those that we love and cherish should be a reminder to all of us that we are just a mere dust. It should be a reminder to all of us that our spirits are just a mere bag of wind. We must trim our wings and have good respect for God who created this world. Mutesa was human and death was his ultimate destiny. But because we subconsciously forget that one has to die regardles of whether he is Omwana wa boobwe or a mukopi like me, we always wonder why and how such a person can die. But should we or, why shouldn’t we?    

    “It is not out of fear but out of a feeling for what is right that we should abstain from doing wrong.” “Doing right is based most of all on respecting the other person.” “We ought to do our best to help those who have suffered injustice.” “The wise man belongs to all countries, for the whole world is a homeland to a great heart.” “Poverty in a democracy is as much to be preferred to so-called prosperity under despots as freedom is to slavery” “I would rather discover a single causal law than be king of Persia!”  Democritus (ca. 460 BC – ca. 370 BC)

  5. Kalibala esau
    Apr 19, 2016 @ 09:47:00

    To my opinion its him Obote who poisoned our late king rooted that he way through burnt him away from the kingdom and he actually had efforts to follow him up to evry residence he could be last he ended the kings life naye his legacy stil lives

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